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Даниэль Кан, "Внутренняя эмиграция"

Как-то прошла мимо меня, а песня великая, спасибо СколарВиту.

И, конечно, эти провокационное "скобочки" (открывающая и закрывающая) в виде упоминания Берлина в начале и в конце...


Compare yourself.
What does this all have to do with you?
How does your experience ring true?
You’re where, yourself?
You aren’t suffering anyone’s regime.
You’re free to follow every little dream.
Be fair to yourself. You needn’t be oppressed to feel alone.
You don’t have to be driven from your home
to spare yourself from feeling like a part of the control
with an internal diplomatic role.

Make a kind of inner emigration.
It’s a kind of shift accomplished easily.
We all have made our disassociations,
whether on the job or in our family.
What could be more irrelevant than nations,
when everywhere you go it’s buy or sell?
But if we make only inner emigrations,
then everything will only go to hell.

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